United Church of Christ East Goshen

1201 North Chester Rd.   West Chester PA 19380

610.692.2951               office@UCCEastGoshen.org  

Saturdays at 5:30 p.m.  

Roots and Roofs grew out of a desire to provide a space safe for worship for anyone!

Perhaps you've been hurt by the church or by religion.

Perhaps you've never been to a service of worship before.

Perhaps you've been attending worship services your whole life and you want to add another experience!

Give us a try!

All we can promise is a pot-luck dinner, and a non-judgmental space filled with the unconditional love of God.  

Roots and Roofs follows a chosen theme for a number of weeks at a time.  We've taken up themes like  "community", "light"  and "justice". 

Our worship is enriched by images, a variety of readings, the Bible, spirited singing and intergenerational activities we call "worshipping with our hands." 

It's informal; it's friendly; we hope it's for you!  Visit us sometime soon.  Click on the logo above for a look at our FaceBook page to see what we've been up to lately.