Addressing Systemic Racism

Today I want to address systemic racism for a moment. A week ago, Stephen Colbert offered “A Word” after the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, TN. He offered a word about systemic racism. He said that there is no amount of diversity training that can change the way policing is done in this country. We must change how we do policing, how we train police. This is deeper than diversity training.


It means that we must dismantle systemic racism that has been institutionalized in so many of our systems of government, especially our policing.


Take a moment and watch this video. You may need to watch it a few times and allow it to settle into your being.


 The Unequal Opportunity Race - YouTube


When I first watched it, I could feel my resistance to accepting the Truth this video is showing us. Each time, I could feel my defenses dropping and my heart breaking at the injustices of systemic racism in our culture.


Spend a moment and contemplate your inner reaction. Pay attention to what happens inside yourself, to where in your body discomfort sits, where in your body agreement is, where is your body compassion arises.


Then watch this video.


Systemic racism explained | TED-Ed


The video asks us to reflect upon what we can do. 


Spend some time and prayerfully consider what God is calling you to do? How is God inviting you to work toward an end to systemic racism? What steps are you taking to become more consciously aware of your own implicit bias?


This is hard work.


It is sacred work.


It is the work of Jesus.


Let us join Jesus in this vitally important work.