United Church of Christ East Goshen

1201 North Chester Rd.   West Chester PA 19380

610.692.2951               office@UCCEastGoshen.org  




Weekly  Events

Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. :  Roots and Roofs, a different way to worship

Roots and Roofs is "supper church".   We share a meal each week, and it's part of  our worship.  Mixed in with the food is spirited singing, powerful prayer, compelling messages and   stimulating discussion.    It's a place to be grounded, able to stand stronger, and establishing a deeper connection while being safe and protected.

Sundays:  Worship at 10:00 a.m. 

Worship is at the center of our lives together.  It's a time for recharging spiritual batteries, feeling God's forgiveness, re-connecting with your faith community.  The service includes a “Children’s Chat.” Sunday School is offered three Sundays a month. The other Sunday is “Family Sunday” when children remain in church for the full service.

Sunday School 

After the Children's Chat, young people through 6th grade may leave with their teachers for Sunday School.   Our lessons follow the same scripture passages that are read and reflected upon in Worship.  

Cafe Script

Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to noon beginning July 3.  It's a "no experience required" , open and free-flowing discussion of the week's Bible readings.  In all phases of our life, we value the questions!  

Choir Rehearsal 

Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. our choir meets.   Auditions, I don't think so  - come on, it's about singing your heart!  

Monthly Events

Breakfast at the West Chester Senior Center

 It's NOT just for seniors!  The Senior Center offers the best breakfast bargain, open to the public, in Chester County!  2-year-olds through seniors join Pastor Angelee on the second Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.  No agenda, just gather for a tasty breakfast and good conversation.  

The Lunch Bunch

Details, coming.



June 1    5:30 PM    Roots & Roofs Worship
June 2    10:00 am    Sunday Worship 
    11:15 am    Fellowship
June 4    10:30 am    Café Script
June 6    10:30 am    Salvation Army Meal
June 8      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
June 9    10:00 am     Sunday Worship,   Pentecost 
    11:15 am    Fellowship
    11:30 am    Apple Butter Meeting
June 11    8:30 am    Senior Center Breakfast
    10:30 am    Café Script
June 15      3:30 pm    Baptism
      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
June 16    10:00 am    Sunday Family Worship  - Father’s Day
    11:15 am    Fellowship
June 17      7:00 pm    Church Council Meeting
June 18    10:30 am    Café Script
June 22      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
June 23    10:00 am    Sunday Worship 
    11:15 am    Fellowship
    11:30 am    Apple Butter Meeting
June 29      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
June 30    10:00 am    Sunday Worship 
    11:15 am    Fellowship
    11:30    Apple Butter Meeting



Good News Notes, with all the events of the season, is ready for your viewing! 

July 2    10:30 am    Café Script
July 6      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
July 7    10:00 am    Sunday Worship/
            Communion Shared
    11:30 am    Apple Butter Meeting
July 9      8:30 am    Sr. Center Breakfast
    10:30 am    Café Script
July 13      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
July 14    10:00 am    Sunday Worship
July 15       7:00 pm    Church Council Meeting
July 16    10:30 am    Café Script
July 20      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
July 21      10:00 am    Family Worship 
    11:15    Fellowship
    11:30 am    Apple Butter Meeting
July 23    10:30 am    Café Script
July 27      5:30 pm    Roots & Roofs Worship
July 28    10:00 am    Sunday Worship
    11:15 am    Fellowship 
July 30    10:30 am    Café Script