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April Showers

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness, yet become something beautiful”


Well, yes it is raining, of course it is because: April Showers Bring May Flowers!  Because rain is wet, it causes mud, often cold, attacking our bodies.  Rain is loud and often comes with thunder.  Flowers are bright, fragrant, tender and gentle -- a sign of beauty for our eyes.  Yet without the rain they would wither and die.

Easter Sunrise was an illustration of color and light, movement of both men and women running, and stones moving.  Smiles were the expression for the day at our Church.  I am so glad God’s message didn’t stop on Holy Friday, but took the rain and produced flowers; took the darkness and produced new life; took the tears and moved all of us to joy.


Don’t we all have an illustration of the darkness and the light – from rain to flowers – from hopelessness to hopeful? 

We must remember those past experiences of desolation, mourning, isolation and depression, and we need to squeeze even more tightly their counterparts into the experiences of our lives:  light, hope, laughter, community and the peaceful spirit.

April showers do bring May flowers and for that creative illustration by God, we must say thanks.  God’s miracle and new life is our hope!  May God bless you with a bouquet as you live with Christ’s risen good NEWS!