Lent Walk To Jerusalem

UCC East Goshen are Walking to Jerusalem Together,  Apart!


Whilst as a body we cannot be together, we would like to invite every member and friend of UCCEG to join us in walking through Lent to try and reach Jerusalem in time for Easter AND to raise funds in order for our church to THRIVE in 2021.


As the season of Lent approaches, we turn our minds and, this year, our bodies towards Golgotha, the place of the Skull, where Jesus was crucified on Good Friday.


During the 40 days of Lent, we invite all our members and friendsto make time to walk in reflectionor learning and record their distance walked each week to allow us to tally how far we as a ‘body of Christ’ can get towards Greeting the Risen Christ near his empty tomb on Easter Day! Perhaps you could walk after reading your Lent Devotional and reflect, or listen to a spoken word book, podcast or bible reading whilst you walk. Or walk with your family and discuss the devotional together.


As you begin this period of reflection, we invite you to choose an amount to donate to church for each mile you walk, or perhaps each day you walk (can you manage all 40days?) and then make your donation to our Church funds once you complete the challenge at Easter.  Label your donation “Walking to Jerusalem”.  Simply record the days you walk and / or your distance in the table facing.


Perhaps you would like to set an individual target! Can you walk to Bethlehem, PA (82 miles) or to Damascus, PA (183 miles)? Each week we will gather your weekly totals of distances walked, and report on our progress towards Jerusalem!


We are a small church, but this is a big walk! Consider getting friends and family to join you on your walks! Consider inviting friends and family to sponsor your walk for our church.