New Members Classes

A new opportunity for online and in person friends of UCCEG: If you have been worshipping with the congregation and are ready to take a next step…Pastor Angelee will be holding two new member’s classes for any who are interested in joining with the UCCEG congregation as members.

These will take place in late August and early September. Our classes will be held both by zoom and in person at dates which will suit those interested. At these classes we will learn about the UCC Denomination, our own church congregation, the ministries/opportunities, and joys of being a member in full standing! We will share a bit of our own faith journeys which have brought us here, and you will have a chance to ask any questions of Pastor Angelee you have been wondering about. If you decide membership is right for you, you will be welcomed and received at the council meeting on September 20th at their meeting.

What a way to begin your Fall season!!!! Please contact Pastor Angelee at  or call the church at 610-692-2951.