Re-Opening Update

February 22, 2021

Dear Council:

Please note below the following current recommendations from the Reopening Committee:

1) As Covid19 is an airborne virus, the Reopening Committee does not believe that it is safe to open the sanctuary for in person worship at this time.With windows that do not open, ventilation and air circulation are minimal.

2) It may even be risky and unwise to be recording the Sunday services in the Sanctuary for this reason.By live streaming, we are exposing the Worship Team of 5 –9 people to some risk. Experts recommend not sharing the air, even with masks, with those outside of our households.

3) Even if religious institutions like our church may be exempt from this policy, we are a churchthat cares for ALL people and will not OK possibly putting anyone’s life at risk.

4) When the experts like Dr. Fauci and our PA health advisors say that it is safe for us to spend time indoors with those outside of our households or bubbles, we will reopen the church for inside worship.

5) Until that time, we will offer outdoor worship once or twice a month beginning with Easter (provided that the weather is 50 degrees or above).We will still plan to record the services when possible forthose who are not yet ready to attend in person worship.

6) Although statistics are helpful, they should not be the only determining factor for in person worship.

7) The Reopening Committee plans to survey the congregation again in a few weeks to reassess their thoughts about reopening for indoor worship and to offer an opportunity for people to share their feelings.8)Although the congregation will beencouraged to be vaccinated, vaccination will not be used as a criterion for attending live worship.