Saying Yes to Our Call

Steve Rogers’ Captain America uniform and dancing women have gained him such popularity in the States that the Senator sends them all overseas to entertain the soldiers. The first show has Steve on stage being heckled by the soldiers.


Sitting off to the side as the women are dancing, he pulls out a notebook and is doodling. Peggy Carter shows up:


Peggy: Nice performance

Steve:  Yeah…I had to improvise a little bit. 

Peggy:  I understand that you are America’s new hope.

Steve:  Bond sales take a 10% bump in every state I visit.

Peggy:  Is that the Senator I hear?

Steve:  At least he has me doing this. Colonel would have had me stuck in a lab.

Peggy:  And these are your only two options? A lab rat or a dancing monkey? You were meant for more than this, you know?


Steve is thinking about what Peggy said. 

Peggy: What?

Steve: You know, for the longest time I dreamed about coming over seas and being on the front lines, serving my country. I finally got everything I wanted...and I am wearing tights.


Steve, as a soldier is being brought to the medical facility: They have been through hell.

Peggy:  These men more than most.


Then Peggy explains that this unit was sent to fight a Hydra base — 200 went and 15 returned. She explained the the audience contained what was left. This was the 107th, the unit that Steve’s best friend was part of. This sparks a flame in him.


He learns that Bucky, his friend, has not returned. The Colonel’s solution is to win the war, believing that it would be suicide to attempt a rescue.


In that moment, Steve experiences his Awakening. Who is he? Is he meant for more?


He decides in that moment to step up, to fully embody his call, to rescue the 107th. ...


When we compromise our Call, when we choose to stay small, as I wrote in the previous blog, Spirit offers us an invitation to step up.


We can choose to stay small, to not heed those invitations, to continue on through our life with blinders around our eyes, hearts and souls.




We can answer the Call of our Soul, the Call of Spirit. We can step up!


The next series of scenes in Captain America: The First Avenger shows just that. Steve Rogers steps up and becomes Captain America. It requires that he face his fears, that he challenge his abilities and skills. 


Alone, he jumps from a plane, finds his way across enemy lines and into the Hydra base. He invades the base, freeing the prisoners and continues his search for Bucky. Once he rescues Bucky he is confronted for the first time by his arch-nemesis Red Skull (the other enhanced individual from the serum, the one the doctor described as evil amplified).


Cap makes it out alive, with Bucky and the rest of the 107th, returning on foot to basecamp.


When we step up, it is not all Light and ease and beauty. There is struggle in fully embodying our Call. We must confront our fears, our Shadow, our apathy. We must test and learn new skills and abilities. 


It is work. Life enhancing, life giving, life re-invigorating work. But work, nonetheless.


As we say yes to our Call and begin our journey toward fully embracing our Soul’s purpose, we will encounter support and allies who will companion us, encourage us, support us, and help us clear the obstacles that are in front of us; just as Bucky and the 107th do for Captain America. 


We are not alone.

When we come face to face with our deepest fears, our Shadows, Spirit is present reminding us that we are not our Shadow, not our Fears. We are more than that. Spirit will remind us that what we choose to feed is what is amplified.


All we have to do is choose to amplify our Soul’s Purpose. Say YES to our Heart’s Call.


When we come through this process of embodiment and integration, our community, our family, our friends will be there cheering:


“Let’s hear it for Captain America [You]!”


In that moment, in that recognition, our souls, our hearts smile knowing that we have arrived fully. We are who our Soul yearns to be. We are who the Sacred created us to be.


Now the work is to continue to be our Soul, to emanate our Soul’s purpose authentically in the world, without compromise…


Dig deep.


Find your inner courage and strength.


Say yes. Say yes to your Soul.


It is worth it.