Stewardship 2021

UCCEG are entering our season of Stewardship. Stewardship is where we as a Church considers how we as a group, and as individuals, faithfully take care of our Church, our buildings, and our community. For our Church to function, we must have a financial budget and plan BUT our church functions depend on many more gifts than just hard cash! After a period of tremendous hardship and change across the world AND in UCC East Goshen, your Church Council are now reaching out to all Members and Friends to request your increased engagement in the work of our church – in the practice of our faith, in our building and grounds, in our community and in the financial planning and operation of our day to day ‘business’.


YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU NOW! In our By-Laws some of the requirements of membership are for participation in the work and witness of our church and to have the right and privilege to serve on the Council of the congregation and its committees. We need our almost 100 members to help UCC East Goshen resume our work in the church and in our community to ensure the long-term wellbeing of our wonderful Church in our 50th year of operation! Help us to not just SURVIVE the Pandemic but to have been REVIVED as we come out of the Pandemic!


Here are some of our opportunities to serve presently in most critical need.


PLEASE JOIN A COMMITTEE – Members and Friends of the Church can serve on our Committees


Our committees meet as needed and work together to fulfil the needs of the church and individual committee. A member of each committee represents that committee on Council and reports between the two to ensure the smooth running of the Church and the committees through consistent planning and aligned activities. Committees have been meeting in person and virtually.


Mission and Outreach – concerned with all mission activities and outreach to the local community and the wider world as well as engaging our church community in these events. Also works with WCU Resource Pantry to support students in our area.


Christian Education - concerned with the educational ministry of the church in matters such as church school, adult education, retreats and conferences. As we look to re-engage with our young people safely after the Pandemic, we need your energy and ideas to help them.


Congregational Life – the ministry of fellowship, social activities, spiritual needs, special celebrations and decorating the church for special events and regular worship services! This committee is needed more than ever as we return to meeting in person and continue to support members of our community in need.


Growth – concerned with church membership, communication with the Church Council and assisting the Pastor with supporting our membership. Also works to spread the name and works of our church in the community to invite new visitors and members. A definite need in our community as we breathe anew after the Pandemic!

Building and Grounds – concerned with the care and custody of our property and equipment and working with visitors or regular tenants who use our buildings. Specifically interested in maintenance, inventory and long-range planning for our building and grounds. The B&G committee have continued their important work during the Pandemic and need new members and energy!


Worship and Music – concerned with the forms and content of our Worship experiences, including Roots and Roofs services. Responsibilities include communion, servers and altar care. The committee does not need more people at this time. The church is immensely grateful for the creativity and energy that W&M committee have shown over the last 20 months!



Our Church By-Laws limit the number of consecutive years that a Member may serve on Council and several of our most experienced Council members have faithfully served their terms and must step down from Council in January.  We need Members to step up to Council and to be contributing members of the above Committees as well as non-committee roles such as Secretary (responsible for taking and disseminating minutes of Council meetings), President and Vice President of our Congregation Council.


The Council is an elected group of Members of the Church who work together to lead UCC East Goshen faithfully, collaboratively and in accordance with the by-laws and policies of UCC East Goshen. Council typically meets monthly , with occasional extraordinary meetings. The amount of time a role takes varies from position to position. Each month will include Council discussion and approval of the monthly balance sheet and financial plans as well as approving any substantial expenses. Council oversees the activities of other committees including the Pastoral Relations Committee and the Fundraising team. Council have been meeting in person and virtually throughout the Pandemic.





Several of the Council members who must step down currently serve on the Financial Committee. Without a Finance team our Church will not be able to function. Our Staff must be paid and the bills must be dealt with! Our Treasurer has already had their term extended multiple times and MUST step down from Council this year. Out sitting Treasurer has very kindly agreed to go through a training period with a new Treasurer and Asst. Treasurer. A Financial Secretary is also required to prepare and distribute giving statements and support the Treasurer and Financial Team. The Financial Committee meets monthly and have been meeting in person and virtually throughout the Pandemic.


Your Church Council are requesting all members and friends of UCC East Goshen to prayerfully reflect on the way that they can each help us to meet the important needs of our church. At this time where we are without a Pastor, we must each step up to contribute and lead in our own way, but we are ALL needed to help UCC East Goshen. Without the active participation of each of us in our Church, we cannot plan for 2022 and beyond. If you have any questions about any of the committee or Council roles, please reach out to Todd Speece or Lucy Barber for more information, or to be connected to the committees.


Yours in Christ,

Todd Speece and Lucy Barber

President and Vice-President, UCC East Goshen Council 2021