Time, Talent & Treasure

Sunday, December 5 is our dedication Sunday where we will dedicate our yearly pledges and our Time and Talent Surveys - two items very important to running our church. You can access these below, pick up hard copies at church or hard copies can be mailed to you upon request. Simply contact the church office and let us know if you'd like them sent to you in the mail.

Click below to read some reflections on giving and to view 'pledge a percentage of your monthly income charts.'

Please  read our urgent stewardship appeal as it relates to our Time and Talent Surveys and prayfully consider how God is calling you to get involved.



Click below to take the Time and Talen Survey electronically and/or print off this year's Pledge Card. Completed Pledge Cards can be mailed to the office at
1201 N. Chester Road, West Chester, PA 19380.